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Full Version: [CA11] Update via mSD to 3.9 stuck
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Good morning Chuck, went to download the previous version to address this same issue and it's now showing the file is no longer there.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum inference,

Upon receiving this message, I have verified that the link to the LH3 v3.8.105 software is indeed operational. Should you not have used a PC or Apple computer to download the software, then you may want to try doing so via one of these devices.
Re: the message below: I updated my Axiom 9 from 3.5 to 3.9 this week.I reported the problem that after upgrading, the Axiom could not find the Quantum Radar (WIFI connection). After starting the upgrade, I realized I had not powered on the Radar. I let the upgrade finish and then saw that the Axiom could not connect to the Quantum. I then proceeded to reinstall the upgrade with the Quantum powered on. Once again, the Axiom could not connect to the Quantum, so I went through the menu screens to find that the Quantum was no longer paired with the Axiom. I paired them once again and everything worked fine. The only thing I did not verify is if the Quantum was upgraded with any changes in the 3.9 files. Not sure how to proceed with that.


The currently installed version of software within an Quantum/Quantum 2 radome may be verified via the LightHouse 3 Product Info diagnostic feature (HOME->SETTINGS->NETWORK->DIAGNOSTICS->PRODUCT INFO). At the time of this response, the latest versions of software for Quantum and Quantum 2 radomes were v1.62 and v2.43 respectively.
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