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Full Version: [CA11] RV-212 wiring to Axiom E70369-03-LNC
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We installed back in September 2017 an Axiom 12 w/RealVision 3D 600W Sonar, no tranducer (boat was in the water), HS5 - Network Switch, CP370 Sonar, Ray 70 Radio with the SeaTalk starter kit, a five way connector block and Converter.
Since she was in the water, we have used our 1Kw Airmar 12 degree since that time. It's been great using this for our offshore fishing etc.

We are hauling her to put in the RV212 tranducer pair soon. Our question is can we plug (after using the Y -Cable A80478) directly to our Axiom and start using the 3D sonar? I see the 25 pin transducer connector is free on the back of the Axiom.

We likely will keep our Airmar in the hull as a back up and to not disturb that thru-hull etc. Will we need to detach the Airmar transducer that is currently running?


Q. Can we plug (after using the Y -Cable A80478) directly to our Axiom and start using the 3D sonar? I see the 25 pin transducer connector is free on the back of the Axiom.
A. The Transducer socket of the E70369 Axiom 12 RV MFD which you have identified is indeed designed to accommodate interfacing either a single RV transducer or thru-hull RV transducer pair (via the A80478 RealVision Transducer Y-Cable (included with the RV transducer pair) which you have identified) to the MFD. The Y-Cable will connect to the port and stbd RV transducers and to the RV transducer cable which in turn will be interfaced to the MFD's Transducer socket.

I too would recommend keeping the CP370 w/1kW transducer interfaced to the system to support fishfinding in waters deeper than can be supported by the RealVision transducer pair. Please additionally note, that it will then be possible to operate all supported sonar imaging (50kHz, 200kHz, 3D, DownVision, high frequency CHIRP conical, and SideVision).
Hi Chuck,
Thank you for the informative response as this is very helpful for us. One more question is the home screen currently shows Fishfinder for us. We see on the Raymarine website a 3D Sonar tab/icon. When we are connected to the RV-212 pair will the 3D Sonar icon show up as an option?
Thank you.

After interfaced to a RealVision Transducer, should a Fishfinder application page/pane be changed to view 3D sonar, then the corresponding page icon or pane portion of the page icon will be changed to reflect that the Fishfinder page/pane has been configured to view the 3D fishfinder channel. All Fishfinder page/pane icons which have been configured to view other Fishfinder channels will display the default red Fishfinder applications page/pane icon.
Hi Chuck,
The RV-212 transducer pair are in and we are going to be plugging the 25 pin connector into the back of the Axiom 12. Do you recommend a start up order? Do we power up the Axiom first then plug in the 25 pin connector or do we plug in the connector and then power up the Axiom?
Thank you again and again!

Fishfinder transducers should never be plugged into the fishfinder transducer socket of a MFD or fishfinder sounder module while the MFD or fishfinder sounder module is switched ON / powered ON. In this case switch the MFD OFF or switch the circuit supplying power to MFD OFF prior to plugging the transducer cable into the MFD's transducer socket.
Thank you Chuck. We will make sure no power is to the MFD while plugging in the transducer cable. Appreciate all your help on this.
Have a great week!
You're welcome.
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