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Full Version: [CA11] Requesting Polars for Lighthouse 3.9
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I was very excited to see the layline addition in the new version of the Lighthouse software but disappointed that there is not polar information for our boat model (Catalina 380 and Catalina 387). How would I go about requesting that Raymarine add polar information for our boat model? I sent an email to polars@raymarine.com but received no response. Thanks.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Clay,

Please note that the polar files are embedded within the LightHouse 3 software. As you have noted, requests for inclusion of polars for currently unsupported vessels should be sent to polars@raymarine.com (per the Laylines Settings section of Chapter 8.4: Laylines of the LightHouse 3.9 Advanced Operation Instructions). E-mailed requests for polars for one's boat are being collected by Raymarine to be considered for inclusion within future LightHouse 3 software updates. I will submit a request that responses to such requests be sent out in the future.
Can you also add for the future upgrades to include:
Gemini 105 MC (2001)
Sailing Catamaran
Manufacturer: Performance Cruising

Thank You
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum mcintoshusa1@gmail.com,

As indicated above, such requests should be emailed to polars@raymarine.com.
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