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Full Version: [DG11] T910 Showing incorrect speed
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I have a T910 Triducer connected to a T121 Wireless sender to a T111 TackTick Display. The depth and temperature read correctly, however the Speed shows constantly 2.5-2.8 knots even when the boat was pulled on land.

I checked over the wire connections to the T121 Wireless Interface according to the triducer wiring diagram.

Not sure what to do from here...
Hi Xarven

Thankyou for your enquiry

There could be several causes
1) Interference caused by coiling the speed transducer cable next to the depth transducer or depth transducer cables, coils will act like an antenna and can pick up induced interference.

2) Power supply issues, try connecting a small jump wire from the 12v supply to the hull transmitter to the same connection on the hull transmitter as the red wire of the speed transducer

3) There could be a fault with the speed part of the transducer and it should be replaced.

Put a jumper between the power in and the transducer power and now everything works as advertised. Thanks for the help!
Hi Xarven,
Great news,
all the best
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