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Full Version: [CA11] Boat appearing as an AIS target
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Hi All,

Sorry if this question has already been dealt with in this forum but i couldn't find it in the threads.

I have an issue with the boat appearing as a target on the plotter and as such raises the AIS collision alarm. Would this be due to inaccurate readings from the AIS unit's GPS antenna?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Rom,

What make/model of AIS receiver/transceiver and what make/model of MFD does this question concern?
Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the quick response. The boat is quite new, the MRF is a gS165 and the AIS is a Raymarine 700.


The reported symptom is typically indicative of an AIS700 which is running with an early version of software or has not been correctly interfaced to the system. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to verify the versions of software which are installed within the system's devices. Please verify that the AIS700 has been updated with v1.06 software and if not then update its software accordingly. The latest software, as well as instructions for updating the AIS700's software may be found on the AIS700's software update web page.
Thanks, very helpful once again.
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