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Hi Chuck, I used to run 2 a series and an es series mfd, I had crystal clear pictures, no interference while running dual transducers. ever since I upgraded to 3 axiom 9 units I have been fighting with lots of clutter and odd sonar pictures. these pictures are taken in about 12 ft of water, it is not overly muddy and for the most part free of debris, I will see the same type of signals in any water even very clear. Usually in deeper water over 20 ft most of it dissipates at the lower levels but I will still get a faint line running through the middle some where.. I also get cross talk interference..I have the rv 100 transom mount, and a b60 through hull. what is really weird is I replaced my through hull I was using, with the b60 and when I turned on the units for the first time the pictures were 90 percent better. after the most recent software update it is back to normal. Im not sure what to make of it. the boat is off in these pictures with nothing else running. you can see the screens are very cluttered, with some crosstalk interference ( I used to deal with that by disabling one of the sonars but that option seems to have disappeared. If you have any ideas please let me know. I really miss the outstanding readings I used to get with my old units thanks

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Farmhand,

The ping for any Fishfinder channel may be enabled or disabled by displaying the fishfinder channel to be enabled or disabled, and then using the command sequence MENU->SETTINGS->SOUNDER->PING ENABLE.

It is recommended that the ping be disabled for the 50kHz and 200kHz Fishfinder channels. After doing so, it is recommended that all other electronics, systems, and engines be switched OFF. After doing so, please test the system again and take some new screen snapshots.
Hi Chuck I figured out where the disable ping was , just forgot over the are several screen shots from the rv100 and the b60 both 50 and 200 some are with pings disabled on one of the transducers, the picture does clear up but still a lot going on. the boat is off, nothing else is on. the only thing running is the network switch. I even shut off the battery power to the refridgerator. I just have a hard time this is sediment, especially the ongoing diagonal line which I'm sure is not air bubbles. Thanks for your help again.
All sitting still, nothing else on the boat on. Some are with both sonars enabled. Some are not.

The performance shown is indeed quite atypical. It is recommended that a Sonar Reset be commanded for each of the supported fishfinder channels. Should the problem persist, then it would be recommended that a Factory Reset be commanded. Thereafter should the problem persist, and given that the problem persists with either the 200kHz or low power / high frequency CHIRP conical sonar pinging, I believe that there may be an issue with the sonar processing circuity of the Axiom MFD which the transducers have been interfaced to. It would accordingly be recommended that the MFD along with the Y-Cable used to link the two transducers be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
I have reset everything several times, I have ran both units alone, off the network, when i disable the rv100 the b60 seems like it is working ok, when I disable the b60, the rv 100 is still pretty cluttered. I can not see even a large lure in the water unless I crank up intensity and gain to the point that it is almost unreadable. I was out this weekend and could not see a 10lb downrigger weight 20 feet down. I feel like it may be the transducer. Forgot to tell you, I even changed the axioms around with no difference

I thought that you had previously indicated that the B60 (50kHz/200kHz Channels) had previously not functioned correctly. That said, the Axiom MFDs feature two sets of fishfinder processing circuitry (one for processing signal from the RV transducer and the second for processing signal from the 50kHz/200kHz transducer). In single MFD systems, the only way to determine whether the fault is rooted in the transducer or the MFD's RV processing circuitry would be to test it with another RV transducer which known to be operation. However, as you have tested the RV transducer with another Axiom RV MFD and found that the problem persists, I would concur that the RV transducer has suffered a failure and should be accordingly be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
Sorry for the misunderstanding. The b60 operates much better when the rv100 is disabled. As posted I am running 3 axiom units networked through a switch. I have switched the units around with no difference. I am not using a y cable. B60 is ran to the bridge with an adaptor and rv 100 is ran to the cabin directly.

Some noise from the RV transducer would be expected and is as you have reported. Should you have tested the RV with each MFD and should the problem persist, then it would be recommended that the RV transducer be sent to the Repair Center per my last response. If not, then it would be recommended that you do so to fault isolate the problem.
So when you say some noise from the rv transducer would be expected, what exactly does that mean? Crosstalk? Or are they more sensitive and or noisy in general?
Q. So when you say some noise from the rv transducer would be expected, what exactly does that mean? Crosstalk?
A. Yes. As indicated within the FAQ found here, the CPT-S and CHIRP Conical sonar transducer elements of transducers designed use with Dragonfly displays, ax8 MFDs, eSx8 MFDs, CP100 and AXIOM MFDs chirp across a 60kHz range centered on 200kHz. Accordingly, should the B60 be pinging at 200kHz, then crosstalk may occur, but most consider it to be very low level noise. Such crosstalk would not be encountered with RealVision, SideVision, or DownVision sonar channels, as they are centered on 350kHz.

Most systems featuring more than one Axiom MFD, only one of the MFDs will only feature RV sonar processing circuitry and in such system's a Y-Cable would be employed to interface both transducers. Notable is the fact that when a Y-Cable supporting RV and 50kHz/200kHz transducer use is employed, the CHIRP Conical sonar transducer element will be disabled.
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