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I have a Raymarine 250 AIS networked with a E95 on my sailboat. I'm able to identify targets but often the boat name is missing, I only see MMSI number. For example, at the moment, I can see 24 targets but only 7 have boat names. Is there a setting I need to adjust?
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To ensure maximum AIS feature support, it is recommended that you verify that your MFD has been updated with the latest available Raymarine product software update. If so, then please note that unlike MMSI, vessel name is not included within the higher priority AIS messages. Depending on the amount of vessel traffic in the associated area, AIS message 24 will be transmitted only when a time slot for low priority messages is available. To view more on this subject, click here. Also, when many Class B AIS transceivers are installed, there owners or installers neglect to program them with the Static Data associated with their vessel. This will also result in situations where only the station MMSI is reported.
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