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Full Version: radar compatibility
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I purchased an a98 mfd to replace a classic C80 which stopped functioning. I have a Pathfinder 2d ray dome, (AM92650-S0360774) which had been used with my C80. I have been looking at the Quantum Radar and saw in the product guide it could be wired to older generation radar cables. Will the Quantum function with my existing cable with the accessary adapter cable? Will I lose any features of the Quantum using this existing cable. Will the cable connect to my a98.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum khusband,

It appears that you may not have completely understood the information or have been misinformed regarding the ability to adapt an analog radar cable for use with a Quantum radome. Should an analog radar cable presently be installed onboard the boat, then its plug may be removed and its power leads may then be connected to a switched 12 or 24VDC power circuit and vessel's bonding cable. The power leads located at the radome/open array pedestal end of an analog radar cable may then be spliced to the power and drain leads of power cable supplied with the Quantum radome. If not replacing the analog radar cable with a Digital Radar Cable, then communications between the MFD and radome would be exclusively via Wi-Fi. Whether communicating with a Quantum radom via Wi-Fi or via a Digital Radar Cable, the radar feature and performance should be identical.
Chuck, Thank very much, I understand your explanation, I knew I did not have a digital cable. I just happened to notice in the product guide, "Quantum adapter cable eliminates the need to run new radar cables". Took a shot, thanks again,khusband
You're welcome.
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