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Full Version: [CA11] SG1 Autopilot with ST70 control head
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We just got a boat with a SG1 SmartPilot autopilot and ST6001 control head. Onboard is a brand new ST70 autopilot control head, with a NG-ST network converter sitting in a box.

Can the ST70 be used with the SG1 AP?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Colemj,

Q. Can the ST70 be used with the SG1 AP?
A. Yes. The ST70 autopilot control head featured communications circuitry which would support either SeaTalkng communications or SeaTalk communications, but not both simultaneously. A SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter Kit would not be used for interfacing the ST70 to the S1G. Instead, the ST70 control head would need to be interfaced to the SeaTalk bus rather than to a SeaTalkng backbone via an A06073 / 39.4in (1.0m) SeaTalkng to SeaTalk Adapter Cable. This cable features a press fit 3-pin plug permitting it to be plugged into a D244 SeaTalk Junction Block or into an unoccupied SeaTalk socket within the ST6002 or ST60 instrument.
Never mind - I just did those two experiments and it worked well. I now have the ST70 connected directly to the SG1 AP on one NG connector, and the other NG connector is connected to the NG converter bus, which is also connected to the N2K network using a N2K-NG cable I also found in the box.

The ST70 is now controlling the SG1 AP, as well as getting data off the N2K network.

You're welcome and I'm glad to learn of your success.
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