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Full Version: [DG11] Lighthouse on eS with legacy Autopilot
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I’m interested in upgrading my eS series MFD’s to Lighthouse 3. My system includes a legacy AP controlled by an ST7001 head. Are there any compatibility issues with LH3 that would prevent full control and integration with my MFD’s like I have today with LH2?
Hi rvaupel23
Thank you for your enquiry.

LH3 systems will not offer direct Autopilot control from the MFD with legacy autopilot systems. They will only offer this functionality with current Evolution autopilot systems, refer to this link here for further information

Data from the legacy pilots can still be shared with LH3 units, heading data for example, however, in order to follow a route in the LH3 unit, first select follow route in the LH3 display, then select AUTO and then TRACK in the autopilot control unit.

Are any components of my existing S2G / ST7001 system reusable or would I have to "trash" the entire system for a new one? Perhaps my hydraulic pump at least could remain? Thank you.
Hi rvaupel23

Yes, the autopilot pump can still be reused, as long as it is not worn and the valves do not leak under pressure.

kind regards

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