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Full Version: [CA11] AIS 500 Stuck in Silent Mode
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I recently purchased a used boat with a Raymarine system including an AIS 500. The system was previously functional. The MMSI # has been transferred to me. Nothing else has changed or been reset. It appears that the AIS 500 is stuck in silent mode. I am receiving AIS information but not transmitting. I can see the menu option on my e140 W to come out of silent mode however it will not. Also the AIS LED status light is Amber not Blue indicating that the AIS has not been transmitting. Is it possible that the external GPS antenna has failed on the AIS and if so is there a way to verify that. Is there any other troubleshooting that I can perform.

Thanks in advance
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Marc,

The AIS500 is not stuck in silent mode ... it is simply unable to acquire a GPS position FIX. This is indicated by the amber color of the AIS500's Status LED. Should the AIS500's passive GPS antenna be mounted in a location affording it an unobstructed view of the skies overhead and should the AIS500's Status LED remain amber, then it would indicate a fault within the AIS500's internal GPS receiver circuitry or within the passive GPS antenna (and/or the GPS antenna's cable assembly). This problem would typically be fault isolated by connecting the AIS500 to a compatible passive GPS antenna (i.e. R62241 GNSS passive antenna with 10m (32.8ft) coaxial cable) which was known to be operational. Unfortunately, should the problem be fault isolated to the AIS500's GPS internal receiver circuitry, then it would unfortunately be necessary to replace the AIS500 (an AIS700 would be recommended) as Raymarine can no longer service this AIS receiver.
Thanks... I purchased a new R62241 antenna and it did solve the problem..

You're welcome.
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