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Full Version: [CA11] Can't Find Transducer on STNG Network
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I recently fired up my network with all of the planned pieces in place. I soon found that the network could not find the analog depth sensor consistently.

My system includes an Axiom MFD on the network, and analog depth and speed transducers connected to an iTC-5, plus a number of other components. When I go to the Network on setup on the Axiom to select the inputs, it finds the iTC-5 with the speed transducer attached. On the second of the five times I tried, it found the depth sensor on the iTC-5, but no joy any of the other times.

The boat is out of the water, and I've checked the connections in the iTC-5 and found no problems there.

Any suggestions on what to try next?



This feature cannot be exercised with the boat out of the water. The iTC-5 via the depth transducer needs to detect a bottom before being listed as a depth data source. You will need to launch the vessel.
In parallel with posting on this forum, I called tech support about the problem. Once I got to someone who spoke iTC-5, I described the symptoms I was seeing, and was told that the unit should be sent in for repair which, because it was still under warranty, was reasonable. I don't recall if we discussed whether the boat was in the water. So I rushed to get the unit shipped out. I heard last night from the tech checking out the unit, went over the scenario with him and he is shipping the unit back today.

It would have been better if the tech support person I spoke to, or the documentation was clearer on this point.

Thanks again for your help and responsiveness.

You're welcome. I will ensure that this information is also passed down to our Tier 1 Product Support Team.
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