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Full Version: T070 Race Master Problem Turning On
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I have a T070 Race Master purchased one year ago that has worked perfectly well until recently. Some times it turns on normally and some times it does not turn on when the power button is pressed. When it was on and working several times during the past week, it showed a full battery charge and I have had it sitting in the direct sun just to be sure. I would appreciate any help on what might be the issue with it turning on.
Hello barneyk,

Sorry it's taken a while for us to get back to you.

Apart from a battery that's not holding its charge for the original span once it has been charged - a full charge indicator unfortunately doesn't tell us how long it will be able to maintain that level - and an internal fault, one possible cause is that there's contamination in behind the buttons. On the Wireless Instrument range the buttons are optical, with a white patch on the rear of the button which triggers a sensor inside the clear case. If salt or other grime has crept in there, it can block the button sensor.
To check this, lay the Race Master on a cloth on its front and use a large flat-blade screwdriver in the narrower slots around the edge to gently lever the cosmetic-only grey cover away from the clear water-resistant enclosure. Once you have the cover away, check that the clear patch above the buttton sensors and the white patches on the rear of the buttons are clean. If in doubt, clean gently with a tissue and fresh water. See the attached photo.

If this doesn't solve the problem, it might be a good idea to get the Race Master checked by your dealer.

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