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Full Version: [CA11] Lighthouse v3.9.46 in eS127 Reliability
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I am having pretty major reliability issues with v3.9.46 in my eS127 units. I have two of these running Navionics charts. I upgraded to v3.9.48 about three weeks ago and have had 10 days underway. It keeps getting worse and worse with reboots, freezing touch-screen, and generally acting screwy. I did read recent posts about a Power-on or Factory Reset after installing this version. I did not do that when it was installed.

What do you recommend to keep it simple and work the issue?

Thanks, Hube
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Hube,

It is recommended that a power on reset be performed to any MFDs which have been updated to LightHouse 3 v3.9.46. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to perform a power on factory reset to Raymarine MFDs.

It is also recommended that the Sonar Logging feature be switched OFF and that a started track not be left in that state indefinitely.

Finally, it would be considered to be a best practice that any time that the vessel anchors or ties up, that any track which as been started be stopped (and saved if so desired). A new track may then be started when the vessel gets underway again.
Thanks for the info. Will do that when I return to the boat. I believe the sonar logging is off, but will re-check. I use tracks a lot, but will stop if it's such a data hog.

Best, Hube
One quick question. When I do the Power On Reset, do I have to do that for both eS127 units, starting from OFF? Or, does starting the reset on the master perform it on both units?

Thanks, Hube

As indicated within the referenced FAQ, if performing a Power ON Factory Reset, it should be performed individually on each of the system's MFDs, while the system's other MFDs are switched OFF.

Thanks for the good advice on my reliability issues with LH3. The Power On reset, erasing and not constantly using tracks, and sonar logging off has solved the problem. I operated underway yesterday for 5 hours with no resets or frozen touchscreens.

Thanks, Hube

I'm glad to learn of the reported success.
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