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Full Version: Best depth transducer for eS127?
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We just bought new Raymarine instrument packages (eS127, charts, EV400 autopilot, AIS), and hoped we'd be able to re-use our Raymarine inside-the-hull transducer, but it only has 4 pins (from a DSM250). What is the correct transducer to replace it? We are sailors - nothing fancy, just depth. It looks like it should be a P79? Are there any other alternatives?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bill,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to determine the product ID of the transducer which is installed onboard the vessel. Should the transducer have been previously interfaced to a DSM250, then it may be adapted to be mated to an ax7/cx7/e7D/ex7/eSx7 MFD's transducer socket by installing an E66066 Transducer Adapter between the currently installed transducer cable's plug and the MFD's Transducer socket. If seeking to replace the currently installed transducer, it may be replaced with any of the transducers found here.
Thank you again, Chuck for your quick response. Yet again!

I find several options out there for P79 Transducers. Maybe older part numbers? Some suppliers appear to have older stock. Will they all work? For instance, E66002? If so, is there a reason for the part number change (such as an improvement)?

It seems that the adapter cable is nearly as much as a new transducer, so why not replace it.


The name P79 identifies a family of transducers. Variants within this family of transducer are designed for specific models of depth instruments and specific models of fishfinding products. The E66002 was designed for use with the L265, L365, and L470 and is not compatible with the ax7/cx7/e7D/ex7/ex7 MFDs. If seeking to replace the currently installed P79 transducer, then the A80170 version of the P79 would be recommended for use with your eS127 MFD.
Good save, Chuck. Thanks for clarifying that.

You're welcome.
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