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Full Version: [LW11] Few issues with e7D and Quantum
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Sent my e7d for repair as i couldn't load charts. Had a new cpu board fitted.
All seems ok, other than when I select a 'go to waypoint' on my chart, I cannot get a CTS vector on my radar page, even though all settings are turned on. When I'm on the radar page and I tap anywhere on the screen, the option box comes up but with no co-ords are shown in the box.

I work and can never speak to Raymarine when im on the boat. They've tested it and they say it was working.

Anyone else had this problem?

Quantum issue...... It powers up but im not getting any info on the radar page.The icon in the top right is saying connected and when I turn the gain upto 90% I do get a ring appearing around the boat. Even when im 1/4 mile from another boat, its not showing up. Is there any checks I can do myself to try and sort this out.

I'm down the boat today, I will get some screenshots to help

All software update have been installed

Thanks in advance
Dear Shonzy,

There is no setting for a course to steer vector as such, are you referring to the info box that comes up with position, range and bearing to waypoint?

What software versions are you running on the e7 and Quantum?

Can you send a screenshot in of the settings you in and of the image you are seeing.

Is the quantum transmitting?

Many Thanks
Dear Shonzy,

Thank you for the images.

Have you got a heading source on the vessel? Potentially from an autopilot?

The first picture is an image of the chart 8nm away from the vessel position and there does not appear to be a radar overlay in this one, can you explain this image a little more?

Also the fourth picture, I can see there is a chart overlay but the range is at 0.75nm and the cursor is over 1nm away from the boat position. Can you send an image of the boat in the chart rather than the cursor?

Have you ever had the radar working?
Are all these images when you are stationary or underway?

Many Thanks

I use the internal gps

In the first I'd just moved the cursor and I had just turned the overlay off. It makes made no difference when it was on.

The radar was working perfectly, as does every other function.

I've never been able to get a CTS vector on the radar page.

The boat is in a yard on a trailer so images are when stationary. however, its no different when underway.

Dear Shonzy,

I recommend contacting your local dealer to come and have a look at the installation and help fault find on the vessel.

You can find your local service agent here.

Many Thanks
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