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Full Version: [CA11] Upgrade problems to Axiom
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I have an Axiom 9 using Navionics+ Charts and a Quantum Radar connected via WIFI.
All systems worked perfectly before upgrading. After I performed the upgrade, the MFD
could not connect to the Radar. It was then that I realized that I had inserted a switch to provide power to the radar only when I wanted to use it and I had not turned the switch on before beginning the upgrade. I powered the radar up and then told the system to re-install the upgrade. It did that, again with no errors. It still cannot connect to the radar. What am I missing?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum S Guttilla,

Please click here to view a thread in which I had recently addressed this subject. If following the downgrade to LH3 v3.8.105, update to the radome software, and then subsequent update to LH3 v3.9.46 the problem continues to persist, then it would be recommended that a Power ON Reset be performed to the system's MFDs. Should a problem be reported with the Quantum radome thereafter, then please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to troubleshoot/fault isolate the problem with the Quantum radome and recommended action to be taken if a fault has been found within the Quantum radome.
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