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Full Version: [CA11] AIS 700 - Message: "AIS off" -
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Just purchased an AIS700, configured by vendor.
When I switch it on, control led gets green.
But on my I70s, the AIS page shows "AIS off" (and no data).

The I70s diagnostics do find the AIS 700 Transcreiver with the correct serial number in my network.
Running Pro AIS2 shows no anomaly either: the transcreiver receives and emits messages, finds boats that are actually around.
Back to the I70s, if I change the configuration (eg, range from 8nm to 4nm) the display correctly adjusts but still shows "AIS off" and no data. If I switch to silent mode, the control Led of the transcreiver does not turns to blue (it does turns blue when I use ProAIS2 to switch to silent mode).
So - what is missing ?

My configuration is: I70s, ITC5, EVO100 + P70. No MFD. No any other devices on it.

thank you,
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ganzi,

In order to utilize the AIS feature of an i70S/i70 MFID, the system requires each of the following data inputs:
- data from an AIS receiver/transceiver
- GPS data ... note that this data will not be provided to the system by the AIS700
- heading or COG data (the latter will only satisfy the system's requirement if the vessel is moving at a speed of at least 1-2kts.

What is the source of GPS data for your system? Should your system not feature a source of GPS data, then it would be recommended that a Raystar 150 GPS Sensor be added to the system.
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