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Full Version: [CA11] EV150 LOW SPEED WANDER
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31 Tiara Open, Hydrive steering EV150 kit properly installed, including hyd. system bleed. Operates flawlessly except @ 2mph- constantly hunting/ wandering @ troll (as much as 20 degree deviation back and forth) Fiddled with rudder gain, reponse levels, hull type, etc. Can't get to rudder dampening mode thru set up screen as option never displays, to try farting with it. Again, tracks perfectly @ cruise
Harley Head,

The condition which you have described would be considered to be normal. As slower speeds more corrections are required as would be necessary to hand steer the vessel. Essentially, the autopilot's ability maintain heading is dependent upon water moving under the hull from the bow to the stern. The greater that the velocity of the water is flowing in this direction (within reason), the fewer the steering corrections will be. Accordingly, at very slow speeds such as you have described, it would be expected that the autopilot will work very hard to maintain heading. Other than response level, no configuration settings are provided which would alter this behavior.
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