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Full Version: [CA11] Quantum 2 No Radar Found issue
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Just completed my upgrade to 3 Axiom9s and a Quantum 2. The Quantum 2 was working perfectly after install but now its not. I now get the "No Radar Found" indicator. Voltage and connections are all good and, again the radar was working fine right after my install. What changed? Curiously, the symptoms seem to have arisen after I updated all three of my Axiom's to the latest software.

I note that the Radome (actually "Quantum Wired Adapter") is the only piece of equipment in my system that appears to need a software update. Yet when I try to run the update (either by microSD of software downloaded from your site or via wi-fi), I get an error saying: Failed to Start.

Thoughts? Is this potentially a software issue? If so, how can I get the Quantum Wired Adapter software updated?

I have successfully updated software on 3 Axioms and my Evolution system.


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dave,

Please click here to view a thread in which I had recently addressed this subject. As indicated therein a problem was identified with MFDs running LightHouse 3 v3.9.46 software which then attempted to update the software within Quantum / Quantum 2 radomes. As indicated therein, the problem may be worked around by downgrading the MFD's software, performing the update to the Quantum / Quantum 2 radome, and then upgrading the MFD's software back to v3.9.46.
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