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Full Version: [CA11] Finding birds on Bird Mode/Magnum 12kw 6' open array
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Is there a video on finding birds, with a 12kw 6' open array radar with Axiom Pro?
How do you determine what birds appear on Axiom Pro radar app, and what solid objects would appear in bird mode on MFD chartplotter?? Nothing really on the manual.
Is there a "preferred color" pallet preference to locate birds, or it doesn't matter?
Any help, pictures, video's or advice would be nice! Ty!
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Fish On,

Raymarine has included a video describing bird mode which may be found here. Like interpreting sonar imaging, interpreting radar imaging comes with experience with the product. One of the most effective ways achieve this end is to visually spot a flock of sea birds, configure the Radar application for Bird Mode, and then to examine the resulting radar image.
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