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Full Version: [CA11] Lighthouse 3.4 Saving Settings and Configuration data?
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I am finding that I need several factory resets as I get all of my systems up and working together properly. I am readily able to backup user data such as waypoints, tracks, etc., but after every factory re-set I have to completely repopulate all of my settings, rebuild my apps page, and reconfigure all of my screens. Is there a way to backup the settings/configuration data? I can't find it in the LH 3.4 manual but thought I saw vague reference to it elsewhere on the forum.


Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Dave,

According to the Software History table for LightHouse 3 software, the Backup and Restore feature was not implemented until LightHouse 3 v3.7.70.
Thanks Chuck. I completed my upgrade to 3.946 and I now see the button to save my settings.

Where is that button?

The Save Settings feature may be accessed via the command sequence HOME->MY DATA->IMPORT/EXPORT->SAVE SETTINGS. This feature is further detailed within the Save MFD settings section of Chapter 5.8: My data of the LightHouse 3.9 Advanced Operation Instructions.
Thanks much.
You're welcome.
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