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Full Version: [CA11] NC2 chart oddities
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I recently received my new NC2 chart card. I have only been playing around with it for a few minutes but have already noticed what I think is odd behavior.

1. Tidal data does not seem to be available. A pop up message is displayed indicating “Tide data not found” “Select/insert valid cartography to use TIDE mode.”

I have inserted the NC2 card. I have selected the NC2 card as the active cartography.

Tide data does not show up, and the Back, Play, Now,Forward,buttons are not active. In other words pressing on them activates the chart "behind" them rather than the overlay buttons.

Also when in Tides mode all my saved routes disappear.

2. The text associated with Navigation marks only shows up in Tidal mode. Detailed and Fishing modes to not show the text.

Please see attachments for screen shots of above.
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum mannery,

Please attach the screen snapshots which you referenced.
Sorry fro the delay. I have been out of town for two weeks.

Hopefully I have manged to attach images this time.
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