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Full Version: [CA11] AIS700 PROAIS2 connection issues
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I have tried everything using 2 separate computers and cables. "Error encountered trying to open serial port. "

-Downloaded latest version on AIS700 page
-All wires into the AIS unplugged. Red light is off until plugging in the USB cord, then the red light lights up.
-Disabled windows driver signature F7 in advanced startup
-Separate computers and cables and same error. Not recognizing or connecting to the AIS.
-Ports, Com, LPT is not even listed as a device category in Win10 any longer.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mike,

Are you an end user or a Raymarine installer?
End user. Pro Team member. Took it to an installer and they could connect to device but could not program MMSI. Unit is now with Raymarine Service Center.

Per FCC regulations the MMSI of AIS transceivers are only permitted to be set by FCC licensed technicians, marine electronics installer, and marine electronics dealer/repair centers. Dealers utilize a FCC licensed technicians / marine electronics installer / marine electronics dealer/repair center version of the ProAIS2 software to set MMSIs within AIS650 and AIS700 AIS transceivers.
I took the unit to a local dealer. He could connect but could not program, unit went back to Raymarine to be programmed. Just got it back and now trying to diagnose VSWR issues.

Noted. The VSWR issue is being addressed within your other thread concerning the AIS700.
I'm an installer, i'm guessing to program the AIS 700 I need a NMEA 2000 to USB cable
like this I'm building a system now with an Axiom pro 12 and three I70s displays on a catalina 42 out here in the bay area. Ryan Schofield owner Ryan's Marine

Q. to program the AIS 700 I need a NMEA 2000 to USB cable?
A. Negative. To interface the AIS700 to a computer to then use the ProAIS2 software to configure the AIS700 with a MMSI and/or Static data ... or to use the ProAIS2 software's diagnostic features,
- the dealer/installer version of the ProAIS2 software must be downloaded from Raymarine's Dealer Portal and must be installed onto the computer prior to connecting the AIS700 to the computer. Installation of the ProAIS2 software additionally installs the device driver required for the computer to communicate with the AIS650 or AIS700.
- The AIS700's Power/NMEA 0183 Cable must be unplugged from the AIS700 ... the PC will supply power to the AIS700
- a commonly available USB Type A to USB Micro B Adapter Cable will be used to interface the computer's USB port to the AIS700's USB port.

Should one be seeking to update the AIS700's software, please note that the AIS700 is designed to be updated remotely by an interfaced MFD ... in this case the Axiom Pro MFD. Instructions for updating the AIS700's software may be accessed from the AIS700's software update web page.
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