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Full Version: [CA11] Smart Controller won't display Speed Through Water
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I have a new install which includes the EV-200 Autopilot Pack with Mechanical Linear Drive, i70 wind, speed, depth pack, Smart Controller and ST1 to STNG adapter. Also connected to the network is a Standard Horizon GX1700 VHF which provides GPS data including Lat/Long, COG and SOG. The VHF is connected through an Actisense STNG-A06045.

During commissioning, I was able to see speed through the water on the Smart Controller, but not on the I70. I had to fiddle with settings on the P70s to confirm the source of Speed data as the ITC-5/DSC800 paddle wheel. Once those setting were confirmed, the I70 was able to show speed through the water (along with all other data on the network).

The problem is that although the Smart Controller now displays all other data on the network (including Water Temp, AWA, AWS, COG, SOG, Depth, etc) it no longer displays Speed. The fields for Speed on the Smart Controller show as dashes.

Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance,

Here are the details of my configuration:

T70158: EV-200 Autopilot Pack - Purchased Oct 30 ‘18
- E70328: p70s Pilot control, SN: 1260667 Ver 3.07
- E70096: EV1 Sensor Core, SN: 0470114 Ver 2.17
- E70099: ACU-200, SN: 0970500 Ver 2.23
- M81130: Linear Drive Type 1, SN: 0972022
- R70160: Evolution Cabling Kit

T70226: i70 wind, speed, depth pack - Purchased Nov 8 ‘18
- E70328: i70s MFD (new), SN: 0380066 Ver 3.11
- E70010: iTC-5 converter, SN: 1280476 Ver 1.12
- E22078: Wind, 30m, SN: 0280658
- A22154: DST800, 13m, SN: 4109751 Rev 01
- E15023: Smart Controller, SN: 0660019 BS Ver 1.01, SC Ver 2.00
- E22158: ST1 to STNG adapter, SN: 0680474 Ver 2.03

Additional Equipment:

Standard Horizon GX1700W VHF - Purchased Nov 29 ‘18
GX1700 VHF Serial: L67Q010740, Ver 4.01
Interfaced to Seatalk NG/NMEA 2000 network with Actisense STNG-A06045

I would once again recommend using i70 MFID to manually configure the iTC-5 as the speed data source and then reboot the entire system. The system should then be tested while underway to ensure that STW is being sensed by the system.
Thanks Chuck!

I did a factory reset on the I70 and then selected the ITC-5 as the source for depth, speed and temperature (instead of Auto). And Voila! Now the speed through the water shows on both the I70 and the smart controller. I still need to redo magnetic interference,
calibrate speed through the water with SOG and redo the wind calibration and I'll be all set.
You're welcome.
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