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Full Version: [CA11] Uploading gpx file to Raymarine es128
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I have around 3000 numbers saved on my computer and for the life of me can’t figure out how to get them transferred to my dual Raymarine es128s they are saved in a gpx file. Can anyone help me out? I’m not the most tech savvy so be patient
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Spearbimini,

Please click here and here to view the FAQs addressing this subject. Should the GPX file fail any of these constraints then all or part of the data from the GPX file may not be imported into the system. As indicated within the referenced FAQs, GPS Utility can be very useful for editing waypoint data.

After the GPX file has been verified to not violate the constraints within the previously referenced FAQ, then it may be copied to the root level directory of a microSD memory card having a memory capacity which is no greater than 32GB. This microSD memory card is then inserted into the MFD's memory card reader. The command sequence HOME->MY DATA->IMPORT/EXPORT->RETRIEVE DATA is used to initiate the process of import data from your GPX file.
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