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Full Version: [CA11] Getting rid of wind wane on P70
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Have an Evolution Wheelpilot that I installed 3 years ago. When I ran my last update through the e7 mfd I started getting wind vane instead of track in the lower left ‘soft key’ position on the P70. I’ve tried resetting to factory default and rerunning setup to no avail. I don’t have a wind vane/instrument attached. The Seatalkng Network includes the e7, autopilot and Seatalk - Seatalkng converter attached to a ST60 tridata. Any suggestions on getting it to return to having the track ‘soft key’?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Kevtev,

When the vessel type has been configured to a sailing craft, the Track/Wind Vane shortcut key will be defaulted to Wind Vane. However, this shortcut key may be redefined to Track via the command sequence MENU->MODE->SHORTCUT KEY->TRACK->SAVE.
It worked, thanks again!
You're welcome.
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