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Full Version: [DG11] ST50 Multi/Log
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My ST50 Multi display at the chart table does not display log information (speed, av speed, distance, etc) (display shows —-) but it does display depth and wind information correctly. The Log instrument at the companionway shows information correctly, and paddlewheel was cleaned and service recently), so the data is in there somewhere. Can you please advise where to start looking for the issue, and how to test elements of the system to identify the fault? Thanks
Hi JohnPZ

Thankyou for your enquiry.

Can you check what is the source of the Speed information? The ST50 Multi would only read the early ST50 SeaTalk sentences and so if the Speed Instrument is ST50+, ST60 etc then they use the later SeaTalk sentences and so this will cause the issue.

The other possibility is if the Speed instrument is not transmitting speed onto the network, it may display speed itself, but may not be transmitting it. One test to carry out is to turn the lights ON on one of the displays and then check all the other displays light up - you may need to do this at night. If all the other displays illuminate, this confirms they are communicating correctly on SeaTalk. Any display which does not illuminate or which fails to turn all the other displays lights on indicates that unit has a problem reading SeaTalk.

I hope this helps?
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Hi Derek, many thanks for your useful reply.
I guess I’m not sure if the instruments are ST50 or ST50+ but as far as I’m aware they’re all the same generation, fitted when the boat was new in 1999 - and they all did communicate OK.
It will be a few days before I can use the lights test, but it sounds like the place to start is the Log unit or its output connections to the Multi.
Thanks again.
Hi Johnpz,

Thanks for the feedback, OK, if they used to work but now the fault has appeared it is more likely an issue with the speed transmission and so the lights test is a good start. if you have anywhere else in the network that speed could be displayed, check on that too.

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Thanks again Derek, really useful.
You are welcome.
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