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Full Version: E120 time shifts between current time and offset time
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I have 2 x Raymarine E120s connected to a Raystar 130 GPS antenna. I've got the NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 adapter for the GPS antenna to network to the older E120.

Now for my issue: I have "Local Time" as one of my displayed databox options on the databar. The local time is set at (-4.0) from the GMT time zone so the accurate local time is displayed. The problem is, about every 15 seconds, the time shifts from the accurate local time, to the unadjusted time 4 hours later. Back and forth it changes. At first I thought the GPS was losing satellite connectivity and was defaulting to the unadjusted GMT time. However, the GPS signal is never lost and always shows a "fix".

Any ideas are much appreciated!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dave,

It would not have been recommended that the Raystar 130 GPS Sensor be interfaced to the system has you have described. Instead, the Raystar 130 GPS Sensor should have been interfaced to the system's Data Master MFD via the method described within the FAQ found here. This method of interfacing the Raystar 130 GPS Sensor to the system will also permit the operator to determine and, if necessary, update the software within the Raystar 130 GPS Sensor. The two MFDs will be interfaced to one another via an Ethernet network (SeaTalkhs). It is also possible that something else within the system may be responsible for the symptom reported. Should the marine electronics system feature devices other than the Raystar 130 GPS sensor and the MFDs, please identify these devices.
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