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Full Version: [CA11] AIRMAR Smart IDT-N2200 to NMEA2K BB
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Hello guys,

I wanted to understand something and this forum seems to be the best place to ask.

I own a SeaRay 210 Sundancer 2014. The transducer is a rebranded Airmar DT800 named Smart IDT-N2000 with a seatalk connector.

I was wondering if there is some way to plug it in a NMEA2K backbone ?

I understand that the best way would be to change the transducer itself for a DT800 but if I can avoid to pull the boat out of the water it would be nice.

I have searched around on the web but all I am able to see is this cable :

In the dash, all I am able to see is a connector with female on the Seatalk side, which means, I need a Seatalk Male on one side and Male on NMEA2K side.

I am asking because I guess I am not the first one to try to plug a Seatalk transducer on a NMEA2K backbone.

Thanks. : Transducer : NMEA2K
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum exoset,

I was unable to locate any information concerning an AIRMAR or other product having the name Smart IDT-N2200. Please attach a photograph of the transducer's identification tag to this thread. This photograph should permit all information printed on the transducer's tag to be read. Please also attach a photo of the plug for the transducer's cable. Finally, please identify the make and model of product which you are seeking to interface the transducer to.
Here is a photo of the transducer attached.

The transducer's tag clearly identifies that it is an A22112 DT800-12 Plastic Smart Transducer (see screen snapshot below from Raymarine's website). This transducer is designed to support NMEA 2000 communications and may feature a SeaTalkng Spur Plug. If seeking to interface this transducer to a NMEA 2000 backbone which has been constructed from networking components feature DeviceNet Micro-C (M) spur sockets, then an A08062 SeaTalkng (M) to DeviceNet (F) Adapter may be used.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3128]
Thank you Chuck, very appreciated answer, but I can't find the part A08062 on Raymarine website ( or on Google, could you point me in the right direction ?

Thanks again.

This networking component was recently introduced and is available ... in spite of it not yet having been listed on Raymarine's web pages. It is recommended that an Authorized Raymarine Dealer be contacted and that this part then be ordered from the dealer.
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