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Full Version: Dragonfly 7 Pro - Chart Objs Q
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With the Dragonfly 7 Pro with Nav+, when on the GPS/Chart screen, if I use the chart objects function, the text associated with the specific area is truncated so I do see the full information.

Case in point, on the West Coast, we have a number of fishing restricted areas, the information on allowed take is in the text of the object. On the mobile Navionics app, I can bring up the full information full the specific object (MPLA zone). With the Dragonfly 7 Pro, there's only a snippet of the information.

Is there a way to see all the data associated with a chart object?

Shots from the Dragonfly 7 Pro & Nav Phone App attached to show what is missing.
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Should you position the cursor over a chart object an then press the display's OK button (i.e. push the joystick point inward), the the MFD will present an option to provide object information. Should the provided information differ as you have indicated, then it would be recommended that you update the NAV+ chart card with Freshest Data.
Chuck -

The issue is the data is there, its just shortened so you don't see all the text. There isn't a scroll feature within the specific information section of text.

Not sure if this form allows for links, but:

Here's the dragonfly display

Here's one from the Navionics App:

showing the difference.

Thanks for clarifying the issue. For the benefit of others who may be viewing this thread, the issue is that the Dragonfly displays are truncating/limiting quantity descriptive information used in populating Object Information dialog's Information field. A problem report will be logged to seek correction of this problem within a future Dragonfly and a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD software update.
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