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Full Version: [CA11] building updated system for axiom 12 leaving the existing seatalk instrument
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I was on the phone today to raymarine support in columbia fore a long time and got different advice.
he said the converters would work. I even explained they were one way.
I will order the Actisense NGW-1-ISO-STNG NMEA 2000 to NMEA 0183 data bridging device.
what about the wind/depth seatalk instruments?
can they be hooked into the ng network with the 1 way converter?
How is the auto pilot control hooked in? It is a seatalk st 6000+
I also bought a newp 70 r controller which is ng .Can it be used and how?

He also said the camera would work without it's own pwer if connected to the powered ethernet hub.

power. Would the ng network not get power from the seatalk network if they are connected?
I could add power to the ng but then power would be going in at both ends of the conected seatalkng and seatalk networks
thank you
my system is now set up
i am getting a no heading error
i realize that this is a conflict between my ar 700 and the older auto pilot
chuck suggests the actisense in other posts but this is a common problem after upgrading to 3.11
i don,t want to spend $300 more dollars
when i choose to use the ar700 for heading there should be no conflict
please fix in new upgrade
for now i would like to downgrade to 3.10 (not on site)
a support rep sent me 3.10via dropbox but i don't have dropbox
how can i find the last version 3.10?
Q2-Also when these 3 types of networks are connected Where should they get their power? the ng hub will be hooked up to an axiom 12. does it get power there?
A2-Please refer to the schematic in the first post. The seatalk gets its own power. The STNG also gets its own power and the HS5 gets its own power

when i do this, because of the connection (yellow wire ng to seatalk ) I am powering at both ends and therefore when i turn one switch both switches light up. should i cut the power wire in the yellow ng to seatalk converter so as to pass only the data but not the power?
Hi Robo,
Just to confirm, the SeaTalk to SeaTalk ng converters are bi directional and will convert Seatalk to STng and vice versa. However, the STng to NMEA converter is ONE WAY only and ONLY outputs lat long for a VHF radio DSC connection.

If you want to convert STng to NMEA0183, the NGW-1 converters are the way to go. the Actisense converters will handle Depth wind and speed too.

If you have SeaTalk Depth Wind and speed, then they can be connected via a SeaTalk to STng converter - note that if you are connecting SeaTalk to the converter, make sure the red 12v power line in the seaTalk connectuion to the cyellow socket in the converter is cut and isolated, otherwise you will duplicate power feeds to the converter and it will not operate.

The p70r can be connected on Stng and through the SeaTalk to STng converter it will control the 100/300 autopilot - note that it will only operate AUTO/ STANDBY and course change, none of the other features like calibration, wind mode etc can be accessed through the p70r.

The CAM 210 needs either power over Ethernet - ( which is NOT supplied by the HS5 Switch), so you need a PoE injector between the HS5 and the camera, or you can use the 12v power lead to put power directly into the camera.

Ref power, see my comment above, power the STng network independantly from everything else, then ensure the red core in the SeaTalk connection to the yellow port in the converter is cut so SeaTalk does not try to power the converter too.

The no heading is an error triggered by the presence of the AR200 and the heading from the 100/300 computer, V3.10 will correct this temporarily and 3.12 which is due imminently will also cure it . . .

Will PM you ref 3.10 access.

I hope this answers all your quesitons,

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