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Full Version: [LW11] I70s
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I thought the i70s would show the apparent wind as an arrow. If you look the photo the arrow is pointing exactly the same as the boat heading. You can see the numeric 345 degrees magnetic is the same as the arrow. Redundant. However, the true wind is at ? 159degrees.

I have the instrument setup for a sailboat

Is this correct?is there anyway to change it?
Dear carlmk,

Thank you for your query.

The grey arrow pointing in the same direction as your heading is a visual representation of your heading data. This is not your apparent wind angle data.

I can only view ground wind angle on the image you have sent and not true wind angle.

You can personalize your data pages to make them more suitable for your requirements, the instructions on how to do this begins on page 53 of the manual that is available to download from our website here.

Many Thanks
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