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Full Version: [CA11] R28171 Wind fails in high winds
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I installed a new R28171 Wind Transducer in my boat 3 years ago with ST-70 displays, and an already installed and wired Wind module. I also changed out one of ST-70 displays for an ST-60 mechanical wind instrument and wired it to an existing ST-70 display using a Raymarine adapter cable.
Everything works correctly until the wind speed gets up to around 25 knots. Then all the displays showing wind stop working. The ST-60 instrument goes to the 12 O'clock position for wind direction with 3 dashes shown for wind speed. The ST-70 displays do not show any wind direction or speed. All other ST-70 displays continue to show depth and boat speed correctly. No problem also with my E120W.
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After the failure occurs, does the problem abate when the wind slows?
Hi Chuck

Everything starts to work perfectly again when the wind speed goes down to around 15~20 knots.

Our instrument repair technician is a bit baffled by this report. It is possible that there may be a problem with the wind pod or iTC-5. It is recommended that the problem be fault isolated by disconnecting the wind transducer from the wind pod and then temporarily connect the transducer to the ST60 Wind instrument's transducer terminals.
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