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Full Version: [CA11] I60 Wind Mast Head Transducer connections on Deck Stepped Mast
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This winter I want to install a new wind transducer and display. What sort of plug /connector can I use on the transducer cable for when I step and unstep my deck mounted mast? Thanks Kevin
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum kev_stev,

Unfortunately, Raymarine does not offer marine through deck electrical fittings. Such items would need to be sourced from a third party manufacturer of marine grade electrical components. Aside from being marine grade, the plug and socket would need to have at least 5 pins to accommodate each of the leads of the wind transducer's cable. You may want to search Forums dedicated to sailing vessels for plugs and sockets recommended by sailboat owners as well as owners of your particular model of sailboat. The cable's leads will attach to the i60 Wind Instrument via 1/8" female blade connectors.
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