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Full Version: [DG11] AIS700 always heading north
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I have an AIS700 installed, without a plotter. Other ships see me on their plotter always heading north, while I am sailing other directions. Example: I was sailing at a course of 220, while other see my vector facing north (see attached image: I am sailing towards the harbour!)

Other instruments that are connected in the network: I70S Tridata+wind, including 2x MFD I70. Other than the AIS700 and it's components there are no additional GPS of electronic Compass installed.

The dealer says this is impossible and therefore cannot be fixed.

Hope someone knows the cause and solution to this issue.

Kind regards,

Hi Anton,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The heading of the AIS target/ Icon is derived from the COG of the GPS attached directly to the AIS700 box. You should connect a laptop with the PROAIS2 that was supplied with the AIS700 to the AIS700 and check the diagnostics, make sure all the GPS data is correct and that the COG from the direct connect GPS is correct.
If you are unsure, please forward a photograph of the screens of the laptop when PRO AIS2 is running.


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