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Full Version: [LW11] Can I display NMEA "In" data on Raymarine Wireless display?
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I have the T104 Wireless Speed, Depth, Wind and NMEA System and I have bi directional NMEA/Wifi router connected to it. I am able to see the data from the Raymarine instruments, wind, speed, depth on other devices (iPad/iphone, etc). I am wondering if I send data like GPS, SOG from the iPhone/ipad to the NMEA network can it be displayed on the Raymarine instruments? I have confirmed that data is indeed on the network and it shows up on the other devices on the network, just not the Raymarine instruments.
Dear SVCuajota,

Thank you for your query.

The Raymarine Wireless range can receive SOG and GPS over NMEA0183. How are you trying to send this data to the instruments?

Many Thanks
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