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Full Version: [CA11] Adding AIS To Buddy List By MMSI #''s
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My Old E120 Classic I was able to add MMSI numbers to an AIS Buddy list, save and store hundreds of MMSI Buddies to my AIS list.
Can this feature be reinstalled, and added to the Axiom Pro, or Lighthouse III software on next software update?
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Several features from LightHouse II software (LHII to LH3 Gap Features) remain to be implemented. Raymarine has logged the request for this feature which will be considered for inclusion within a future LightHouse 3 software update.

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When I was at the NY Boat show, I spoke to a few rep's, ambassadors, and redirected me to what appeared to be the regional manager or the head person in charge at the booth. When explained the AIS buddy list by adding mmsi numbers in the buddy list page, he wasnt 100% sure, but showed great concern. I did find out and believe it was v5.52 from E120 classic. I also took a couple of screen shots of the manual so it can be understood a little more clearly

Heres what the software upgrade manual says;
You can also add any vessel to your Buddy List using the main menu. For example, this function is useful for updating your buddy list when you are in port, and your friendsare not nearby or transmitting AIS information.
1. In the chart or radar application, press the MENU button.2. Using the trackpad, select the AIS LAYER SETUP menu item.3. Using the trackpad, select the VIEW BUDDY LIST menu item.4. Press the ADD VESSEL softkey.5. In the MMSI field, enter a valid MMSI number (nine digits).6. Press the OK button.7. In the NAME field, use the trackpad to enter a name. This could be the name of the
vessel, or the name of the friend that owns the vessel, for example.8. Press the OK button
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Indeed one of the subsequent updates since this thread was posted has resulted in the addition support for AIS Buddies. More information may be found within the AIS list section and AIS Symbols sections of Chapter 8.6 - Target tracking and AIS Target list section of Chapter 11.7 - AIS targets of the LightHouse 3.11 Advanced Operation Instructions.
I do see that. But there's still no way of adding another vessel to the buddy list by just submitting the mmsi # of the vessel, and adding the name of the vessel. I circled it on the Raymarine manual from the v5.52. Also, this feature was on the previous lighthouse 2, and older chartplotters.
This is something you can do at the dock, and dont need to see those AIS targets on the chartplotter. Just punch it in on your buddy list page, add a name and that's it.
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