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Full Version: [DG11] Display to radar compatibility
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Hello I have a C120W display and a RD418HD radar. My question is are these two units compatible? Can they be connected together? At the moment the display is powered via the plug that is the second in from the left looking at the back of the display and the rest of the wires in the cable are taped off. No other ports are being used. The Radar has power available to it via its cable but the plug is not connected to the display. If it is compatible can I buy an adaptor that will fit the radar plug and connect to the display and which port do I use (the sea talk ports? or the port second from the left?)
I think the radar is about nine years old and was originally connected to a display of the same age when the boat was built in 2010. I believe the C120W display is about 4 years old.
I hope you can help.
cheers ken milne
Hi Ken,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The C120W is circa 8 -9 years old, but should be able to conenct to the C120W. the C120W uses RJ45 style connectors for the network - they are labelled SeaTalk hs, whereas the plug that you have sent a picture of is the later Round RayNet style plug.

The RayNet can be connected to the SeaTalk hs connecters via adapter cables 1 x A80162 (RayNet M to RayNet M) plus 1 x A62360 (RayNet F to RJ45 M)

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