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How do I connect a M200 engine monitor system to an AXIOM 9 PRO? I had an E80 that work well with the m200, got damage by lighting and I replace it with an AXIOM 9 PRO, I have not been able to see the engine on the new MFD.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Miguel,

With regard to replacing the E80 with an Axiom MFD, it should have only been necessary to unplug the E80 from the NMEA 2000 backbone and then connect the Axiom MFD's NMEA 2000 cable to the vacated spur socket. Should you have done so and should the problem persist, then it is quite possible that the M200 engine monitoring system was damaged as well. When you replaced the MFD, did you replace the M200 system? If not, then it would be recommended that a NMEA 2000 analyzer (ex. Actisense NGT-1 w/Actisense NMEAReader PC software) be interfaced to the backbone and that its communications be monitored to determine whether the engine gateway is transmitting the NMEA 2000 PGNs specified within the M200's product documentation. If not, and the backbone is powered and properly terminated, then it would appear that M200 system was likewise damaged by the lightning strike.
Hello and Thanks.

Yes the M200 was also replace.

I used a device net adaptor cable.

I connected it to a "T" between the engine interface and the M200 Display cable.

Do I have to change anything in the Axiom 9?

Is there a way to monitor de comunication flow with the AXIOM?

If I remenber correctly we could do something like that with the E80.



Q1. Do I have to change anything in the Axiom 9?
A1. Negative. The only thing which one need do is to configure the number of engines within the MFD's Boat Details feature.

Q2. Is there a way to monitor de comunication flow with the AXIOM?
A2. Unfortunately no. For this reason, the NMEA 2000 analyzer recommended within the previous response was identified.

Should the equipment all be operational, interfaced correctly, and should NMEA 2000 PGNs be transmitted from the NMEA 2000 engine gateway, then the most common cause for the reported symptom is that the engine gateway is Instance IDs within the transmitted PGNs which are inconsistent with that specified within the FAQ found here.
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