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Full Version: [CA11] MFD Master/ Slave connections
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I have a Axiom Pro12 set up as a Master and a es98 set up as the slave connected by a raynet cable plugged into network ports on each. I have Radar plugged in to the Pro 12 second network port. I am adding a SR200 infolink SiriusXM Receiver. Question, If I move the radar to the slave es98 spare network port so that I can plug the sr200 into the Master Axiom 12 second network port or do I need to add HS5 network switch? I read that the SR200 needed to be plugged in to the Master. Thanks
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Chase263,

The SR200 may be interfaced to the Ethernet Network (RayNet) socket of any MFD within the system or to the system's network switch. However, SiriusXM Satellite weather will only be viewed on the Data Master MFD and may not be viewed on an e-Series MFD or gS-Series MFD which has been updated with LightHouse 3 v3.9.46 or later software.
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