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Q. ... file name.json (diagnostic file saved to card), I did not knowingly assign the file extemsion and i can not open the file on my pc what did i do wrong.
A. Diagnostic files are not intended to end user access and would be submitted as support files when requested by Raymarine Product Supprot.
Chuck regarding downgrading the Axiom software then updating/reinstalling the Quantum 2 and radar wireed adapter soft ware

How should I go about doing that. Should I download the quantum 2 software from the radar software web page so that it is the only item on the micro sd card update it.

Then do same for wired adapter ? Where do I find the wired radar adapter software to put on the card.

Or do I go to the Axiom software update web page and download the latest soft to the card for all items If I do that will it give a selection to choose which items to update so I can choose to update the rada and adapter before reinstalling the latest Axiom software?

Also any idea when the issue of Axiom software coming ?

Q. Should I download the quantum 2 software from the radar software web page so that it is the only item on the micro sd card update it.
A. You may either do as you have suggested ... doing so will cause a single .iso file to be downloaded. This .iso file is responsible for updating all components of the Quantum 2 radome. This .iso file may may then be copied to the microSD memory card, inserted into the MFD's memory card reader, and then the MFD may be commanded to check the card for updates.

Alternatively and recommended, you may simply download the LightHouse 3 v3.9.46 software update compressed folder. This method is recommended as it will save you from having to erase and then re-populate a microSD memory card with the LH 3 v3.9.46 files. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to populate a microSD memory card with all software update files from the compressed folder. When this microSD card is then inserted into the MFD's memory card reader and updates are detected, select to only update the Quantum 2 radome initially. Upon completion of the Quantum 2 software update, then the MFD's software may be update to v3.9.46.
Chuck having trouble installing the updates from micro sd.

Installed card in Axiom then went to update from card. It showed the Axiom,Quantum 2 and quantum wired adapter. Deselected the Axiom and started to install other 2 items. It started saying 11 minutes, the green bar advanced to the end of the block . Then I waited it then showed a check box and success next to the quantum 2 radar. But no other messages and kept saying installing. After about 1 hour called tech service he advised to shut down Axiom and restart. I did and it started up. Then I installed the latest Axiom up date and it said success.

What is the Quantum wired adapter?

It appears that I was not able to reinstall the latest update on that so it has the latest via previous install any thoughts on that?

Going on 28 mile trip Thursday about 3 to 4 hours so will see how Radar works

Quantum 2 and Wired Quantum Radomes feature two Wi-Fi receiver/transmitters.
Like WiFi only Quantum radomes, the Quantum 2 and Wired Quantum Radomes feature a WiFi receiver/transmitter within the radome's core which is responsible for WiFi communications with a MFD. The Quantum 2 and Wired Quantum Radomes additional feature a second Wi-Fi receiver/transmitter outside of the radar core (Quantum Wired Adapter) which is responsible for wired communications with the Raymarine system and for WiFi communications with the WiFi communications with the aforementioned WiFi receiver/transmitter within the radome's core.

As we discussed and as is discussed within the FAQ on troubleshooting Quantum/Quantum 2 radome issues, care should be taken to ensure that the system is not being subjected to AC ripple. Your suggestion to install the Newmar DC power conditioner would be a good step towards the elimination of such electrical noise. Please let me know how the system responds after installation of the power conditioner.
For the record last weekend went to Mystic ct after about 2.5 hrs radar image lost and no radar found on Axiom. Could not reconnect to radar either using radar on / off switch on radar or by hitting connect button on Axiom. though Was able to connect when connected to shore power. Note on this trip gen off,inverter on generating some AC on low amp circuits

While at that marina tried to redownload update for radar wired adapter as previously had problem . Using WiFi or data card would ask if I wanted to install latest version over my existing latest version I would say yes it would do some stuff then say update failed due to errors.

On return trip ran with gen and inverter off. After 3 hrs I saw the radar image disappear as I lowered speed from 1800 rpm to 1600 rpm. This time though the Radar screen showed that I was still connected but in standby. The transmit button was still showing so hit it and radar image reappeared. Got to dock reconnected shore power ran radar for another 6 hrs no issue.

Then tried updating radar wired adapter software again ,but this time first reloaded the previous version of the Axiom software to the Feb 2019. Then tried the adapter update using the SD card. It went through it’s procedure then said up date successful. Then reinstalled the latest update for the Axiom.

We will see what happens latter this week if fails will connect the Newmar DC voltage stabilizer for return trip.
Chuck measred the AC ripple on the radar12v feed
With engine on at idle,inverter on shore power connected measured .017-.02

Then with no shore power and inverter off engine running at idle measured .014 to .015

Then as a test installed Newmar stabilizer model 12-12-6i . Connected it after the 5mp fuse on the radar’s power feed in the upper helm. The output from the stabilizer goes right to the radar Raymarine power cable.
With no shore power ,inverter off engine at idle measured on stabilizer output leads with scale on AC .005

Will see Thursday and on return trip what happens
Chuck no luck
After about 2hrs 45 min radar image disappeared tried to reconnect no luck for about 40 mins including about 20 mins on dock power
Things observed about 3 to 4 times during the trip radar image got garbled showing weird stuff at various places on screen each time only lasted seconds. Happened first about hour in and repeated till about 2.5 hrs. During the entire trip had the Newmar DC power stabilizer wired in to the radar power feed. Ran gen for about 1.5 hrs in the beginning then switched off. At time of lost radar was going at 1200rpm. Approaching entrance channel. With radar failing looked at network it showed Axiom and the radar wired adapter no quantum. Also at times radar display continued to show AIS targets even while to try and reconnect to radar using on button. Tried shutting down radar via the independent power switch on the radar power feed no luck. I am at a lost
Returned on cruise today,yesterday prior to leaving on return did a factory reset then tried radar at dock ok. This morning started engine with dock power connected then unplugged dock power and tried to start radar no luck after a few tries started genset . Kept trying to connect radar using on button on Axiom and the radar power switch no luck. After about 10 min of trying decided to leave dock and start return. Continued trying to get radar connected voltage on power feed to Axiom and radar was showing 14.1 volts. Checked network page and it only showed Axiom and radar wire adapter. Finally was to connect radar. After about 30 min radar by itself jumped to standby (no image,but transmit button on screen) so hit and image came back. Then about 2 hrs into return while going straight radar image sort of rotated and got a little garbled for a sec.
Then at 2 hrs 45 min lost radar image. About 1 mile from home. Kept trying to get it back no luck. Got to dock left engine running,left genset running, did not connect shore power. Got boat settled then went to bridge to try radar it connected and I hit transmit and image came back. Then shut engine and genset down,connected to shore power. Left radarvon for about 3 hrs. Then shut it down and at dome disconnected power and measured voltage of 13.77 then measured it at output of the Dc stabilizer which feeds the radar same reading 13.77. Note at same time voltage going into stabilizer was 13.29. Reconnected power to dome and started radar up it connected to Axiom. The mystery and frustration continues.
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