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Traveled a long way yesterday with generator running, house bank isolated from alternator
Radar ran for about 8 hours then as was entering Edgartown harbor it got disconnected. It happened around the time i was contacting harbor master on VHF. But did not happen instantly when used mike it was maybe 1 minute or so and noticed it was disconnected. I probably had 4 communications. That VHF has a mast antenna so its cable runs next to radar cables. The odd thing is that I have used the VHF on other occasions during trip no issue but on last 3 out of 4 outings radar got disconnected when entering harbor and using VHF. Will try a hand held VHF on Thursday when will be traveling about 5 hours
Any thoughts Chuck

This is interesting information. Which VHF channel were you using when entering the harbor?
First tried channel 16 think radar still working then switched to 74 and had a few conversations and noticed radar not connected
The other day it was channel 78 about when radar got disconected

We'll test our Quantum 2 with handheld and fixed mount VHF radios using the channels specified. This post will be updated upon completion of the test.
Well nothing is logical
Traveled 5 hrs 45 min with radar working fine, everything same as before generator running ,house bank disconnected from alternator. As we approached Fort Adams in Newport Radar became disconnected from Axiom. I was getting ready to use hand held VHF but had not even turned it on yet. Could not reconnect radar for quite a while ,tried shutting power to radar off then etc still after 20 min no luck, tied up at dock then in about another 30 min was able to connect.
It makes no sense it’s liked it’s programed that when you get to port disconnect radar. Prior to radar disconnecting engine rpm same as the previous 5 hrs
Hi Chuck new update please any comments. Note still have house bank isolated from alternator, ran with generator running. The route function is from ES7 as the auto pilot works with the This. If it’s the Raynet cable I am thinking the cable itself ,the routing of cable it runs next to power cable AC & DC for refrig on flybridge. Have you got any feedback from the UK gurus that you asked to to look at this on going saga!

Radar update
Radar worked all way to dock and then some about 7hrs 20 min. It could be due to one of the following or gremlins want to drive me crazy.

Before left Newport for home
1 disconnected radar Ethernet cable and hooked radar to MFD using its WiFi cab ability
2. Updated softwAre on MFD to latest released a week or 2 ago Bermuda 3.10.xx
3. Did not use route from about Bartletts reef to home either used go to waypoint and would go to next before got even close and from Old Saybrook on stoped this. Just steered a course. Thinking this is the issue i know is crazy but the only other time that it did not die was with Pete when we just motored to waypoint or steered for about 4 plus hours with the loner dome

Next will try and isolate issue further

How much physical separation is there between the VHF and AIS (if any) antennas and the radome?
Chuck I AIS recivers only . I have 2 VHF's both with antennas. One VHF as AIS capability built in, its antenna is on the side of the upper bridge.the antenna is maybe 3 feet from the Axiom and the VHF is maybe 4 ft from the Axiom. Note this VHF was added late spring after the radar issue had already been observed.

The other antenna is mast antenna , mid way down the trawler mast is the radar dome. Thus the VHF cable travels next to the power and the Raynet cable for about 15 plus feet as they go to the upper helm . The antenna cable continues down to the lower helm where I have an Icom AIS receiver output from that goes back up to upper helm where connects to the ES7 via Nema 183.

It sounds as though the radome is indeed well away from the RF emitter. Please see my message to you regarding abandoning the Quantum 2 wired interface in favor of its WiFi interface if found to be more reliable.
Hi Chuck how do you change the WIFI channel ?
Have been unsuccessful finding info on this
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