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Full Version: [CA11] Navionics Route Transfer Problem.
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Might be more of a Navionics support question but I’ll try here first. Your support far exceeds there’s. I have an ES128 as master to ES127 running Light house II with the latest update also a Navionics platinum Great Lakes current subscription. I build navigation routes on my Navionics app then transfer them to the micro SD card along with the latest chart updates. When I try and transfer the update and routes to the ES128 the routes show up but none of the waypoints are present. Only the name of the route are present. It would appear the chart updates so it seems the card is readable. Further I can import from the card but again only the routes name transfers, no waypoints. Thank you for any help you might provide.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Sadey,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing use of the waypoint / route synchronization feature. Should you continue to experience issues, then please attach your GPX file(s) to this thread for further analysis.
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