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Full Version: [CA11] Cannot identify the correct Data field for PGN 130576
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I've recently installed the Lenco Autoglide system, I've confirmed the Axiom is able to read PGN 130576, however I cannot find it in the list when I'm on the dashboard app.

Seems it should fall under "Boat" or "Environment" but I cannot see it, I went through every item in the list and nothing stood out like "Port Trim Tab"

In the lighthouse 3.9 manual it shows on page 241 it should be under "Boat", but all I see there is Roll and ROT. Perhaps I'm missing a step? Are these populated based on what data is being received?

Is there somewhere where the Axiom data names are cross referenced with their applicable PGN?

Thanks in advance.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum pinkish_panther,

It appears that there is a flaw in LightHouse 3 v3.9.46 in that this data item is not listed. Only the Dashboard's pre-configured Engines panel includes Trim Tab data. A problem report will be logged accordingly to add the Trim Tab data items to the Boat group within a future LightHouse 3 software update.
Thanks - I had modified the pre-defined page when I didn't have Trim data.
I did a factory reset and now have the data showing on that page.

Note that I'm experiencing the same issue I saw someone else post, my Merc Engine gateway is sending the same (bad) PGN number so the Raymarine is cycling the information every 1/2 second between 0 and the correct value. Another post here indicated the Raymarine will take the data with the lowest instance but my Lenco is set to instance 0 and the Engine GW is instance 2.

Perhaps another minor bug?

Please disconnect the Mercury engine gateway from the system, reboot the system, and then specify whether the graphical trim tab data item within the Engines panel is responding correctly to movement of the trim tabs.
Yes, it works correctly when the Engines are not running.

Thanks for the additional information. An additional problem report will be generated to seek correction of the behavior stated. In support of correcting this problem, it has been requested that a NMEA 2000 log files be generated from the system when the engines and electronics are operating ... only a minute or so of data should be required. During the capture interval it is recommended that the tabs be raised and lowered. Extracting the log_stng_data from the attached compressed folder to the root level directory of a microSD memory card, inserting this microSD memory card into the Data Master MFD's memory card reader, and then operating the equipment in the manner described will cause the MFD to record NMEA 2000 data to a log file to be stored on the microSD memory card. Please then attach the NMEA 2000 data log file to this thread to include within the submitted problem report.
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