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Full Version: [LW11] Update E120 doesn't work
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I bought some new charts for my MFD E120. Before I had to update from software version 3.15 to 5.69. I bought a 128 mb compactflash and downloaded the update file from the raymarina website. After extracting the files and putting them in the root folder of the CF-card, i inserted the card in the MFD. The MFD was turned off during that time. After turning on, the MFD just starts in the normal mode. I tried so much and spent a lot of money on the new charts.

Has anybody an idea why the MFD is not recognising the update files?
Sear SITA02,

Did you format the card to FAT32?

Are the files on the root directory or within a folder? If the files are within a folder they will not be seen by the MFD, they need to be on the root directory.

Many Thanks
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