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Full Version: [DG11] AIS - Own vessel appearing as AIS target
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Hi - I have seen similar threads to this where the vessel has its own 'ghost' appearing as an AIS target on the MFD. Instructions on other threads have been to update AIS software. I had the same problem so have updated all software but the problem persists and is continually triggering the AIS collision alarm so I've had to disable the alarm for now - which is not ideal.

I have also checked the antenna connections and signal quality which appear fine and VSWR was low.

My installation and software versions are as follows:

eS97 MFD: LHII v19.03
AIS650: v2.02 (installed with AIS100 splitter)
Quantum: v1.62
Quantum wired adaptor: v1.17
ACU200: v2.23
EV1: v3.02
P70: v3.08
i50/i60: v1.06

Any other thoughts what might be causing this and how to fix?

Hi Peter,
Thankyou for your enquiry.

The normal way to clear the OWN vessel target is to update the AIS software and ensure you have the latest software in the MFD - both of which you have done. Have you carried out a full factory reset on the MFD after the software update?

Do you have any vhf connected into the system with an AIS receiver built-in? Some other receiver will receive the AIS transmission and put that onto the network too.

Hi Derek - thanks for the suggestions. I have not done a full factory reset so will do that as a starter. I also have an icom vhf with AIS capability on the network which I stupidly never even considered could be the problem but definitely sounds a possible culprit. I will definitely check this out and see how I get on.
Just back from sailing round Western Isles (hence late in picking up your post) so will be a few days before back on boat but will post an update with any progress.
Thanks again,
Hi Peter,

Hopefully that will sort out your issues,
all the best
Peter I have the exact same issue and was about to post on this forum. Earlier version of software last fall did not have this problem. My AIS and MFD are running the latest software. Also interested why the MFD is placing the AIS data for my vessel given it's talking with a Rarmarine transponder.
Hi Scurvydog,

SO do you have the same issue where you have a second AIS receiver onboard and this is picking up your transmissions too? If not what is the configuration of your network, how is it connected? I gather youare using a Raymarine AIS, what MFD are you using and how is it connected?

I have an AIS 700, Axiom Pro x2. Connected over NEMA 2000. I will go back and look Derek to see if my two VHF radios were wired into the NEMA 2000 network. If so they also might be outputting AIS data onto the bus. Shouldnt the MFD though see the same MMSI as configured in the AIS 700 and ignore the data?
Hi Scurvydog,

The MMSI gets entered into the AIS700 - the MFD does not know what the MMSI is, so if you have other AIS transmitters/receivers onboard connected to the MFD via NMEA2000, then these will also appear on the screen.

Some radios are able to filter out their own MMSI number and some are not, so this could well be the cause.
I finally got back on board and will share my experience:

My vhf is an Icom IC-M506 with AIS which had 2 possible settings which I could alter:
1. AIS blocking - used to block MMSI codes of own or known nearby vessels to prevent unwanted alarms on itself. (This feature looks like what is needed on the Raymarine AIS!)
2. The NMEA2000 settings allows a ‘no data’ setting on AIS Messages.

I thought the latter the more likely to fix my issue but added my own MMSI to the blocking list anyway and switched the NMEA2000 setting to ‘no data’. Neither change made any immediate difference so I then did a full factory reset of the MFD. After rebooting, the ‘ghost’ target was finally gone! I felt I should try redoing the changes 1 at a time with resets in-between to determine if it was just one change that was needed and if so which - but to be honest I preferred to just go sailing!

So, issue seems sorted but I’ll keep an eye on it as it just appeared before for no apparent reason!

Thanks a lot for the advice on this forum - very much appreciated. (And if you have any input to the development cycle for the Raymarine software then perhaps a blocking feature on the Raymarine AIS software could be suggested as a future addition?)

Hi Peter,

Thankyou for the feedback, much appreciated.

The Current Raymarine AIS has a feature that blocks the vessel's own AIS, but of course this is just applied to it's own receiver, it will not block any other AIS receiver's in the same NMEA2000 network.

I have forwarded your suggestion to our GPM (Global Product Management) team for consideration in future development.

Kind regards

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