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Full Version: [CA11] Using raynet for navionics only problem
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I have an es78(master) at console w navionics chip and a78(slave)up front. The goal is to get navionics up front. Connected units with raynet cable and everything worked fine, except, all data ( including transducer data) came from console unit not a78 front unit when looking at a78 screen. Is there a way to get only navionics data from master and sonar data from front transducer?
Hope this makes scense.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Brent,

When the MFDs are networked to one another, they are indeed designed to share all data. That said, Master MFD shares its page settings with the other networked MFD. Accordingly, should the system feature two transducers, then you may want to consider creating a second Fishfinder application page. After doing so, one may be configured to display the Fishfinder channel(s) associated with one transducer while the other is configured to display the Fishfinder channel(s) associated with one transducer. These Fishfinder pages may then be renamed to reflect the which transducer is supplying the data. (ex. Bow FF, Stern FF)
Thanks for reply, I haven't tried to create new sonar pages while hooked up to raynet
I just knew the sonar pages I had, converted to the masters transducer. I'm sure your suggestion will work.

You're welcome.
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