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Full Version: [LW11] Raymarine Element 7" with HV100 - no GPS (how do i reset it?)
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I turned on my Element 7": with HV100 but no GPS???
I had no problem before this weekend boating trip.

How do i reset it to get GPS signal?

I connected to Quantum radar using wifi without problem. The radar signal was strong.
Dear ray18,

Is this the first time you have used the Element? Where is it installed? Does it have a clear view of the sky?

Have you had the GPS working previously?

To reset the GPS you need to select top left hand corner of the homescreen> settings> RESTART. (Also ensure the GPS is switched on).

You can also refer to page 50 of the Lighthouse Sport advanced manual available here.

Once you have given the GPS enough time to get a fix, what is the HDOP value and how many satellites can it see?

Many Thanks
No it was not the first time I used it. GPS has always been working until my last trip.

I just installed the new software update 3.9.98 and GPS seems to be working again.

I will check again whether it works in that particular body of water.
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