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Full Version: E80 connected to a DSM300, can't update
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I was able to update my E80 to the newest software but I am having a hard time updating the DSM300.
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You may want to try updating the DSM again using the slightly modified procedure attached to this response. Should you still not be able to update the DSM's software, then it is recommended that it be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to have the update installed.
I just tried this and I couldn't update the DSM300. I started poking around and I noticed my DSM300 and E80 are connected by two seperate cables joined with a small rectangular box that says CAT5e Cross-Over 1-3, 2-6, 3-1, 6-2 and wiring 4, 5, 7, 8 no change. It looks like an adapter used to convert straight cables to a crossover cable. I read somewhere in the internet, I don't remember where that you can't update the DSM300 with a cross-over cable, is this true?

If this is true can I just temporally connect both units to a small network switch with power and try update?

As E-Series Classic MFDs are not designed to auto-sense, compatible devices featuring an Ethernet communications interface (ex. other E-Series Classic MFDs, DSM30/300/CP300/CP370, SR100, etc.) must be interfaced the MFD via an assembly constructed from a pair of Raymarine Ethernet Cables (in this case SeaTalkhs (M) to SeaTalkhs (M) Cables) which have been joined to one another via a SeaTalkhs Crossover Coupler or SeaTalkhs Network Switch. Key is this interface is that the plug of the cable connected to the MFD's Ethernet socket and to the DSM30/300's socket feature a SeaTalkhs (M) plug.

Again, should you be unable to update the DSM's software using the procedure attached to the prior response, then it is recommended that the DSM be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to have its software update as well as to be bench checked.
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